Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anne Curtis' Bday is a Blue Day.....

Not sad.... but a true blue effect for Anne Curtis' intimate dinner with family and loved ones. Anne even asked a production designer friend to decorate her place with the man of her life, Erwan, as the party planner.

Though this picture looks that anne was about to cry, but only because of the impromptu speech given by her dad telling the whole crowd how proud he is having Anne as his daughter.

Innocent and sweet Anne Curtis for a change.... well it perfectly fits her even with a plunging neckline for this gorgeous gold dress.

the special party planner of the night.....

due to numerous projects the bday girl have right now, this is the only time friends saw her again.....

I can only think of a word to describe Georgina Wilson, as I often see her now on the big screen as one of the judges in Showtime.... PERFECT!! Posing here with the ever lovable and laughable Vice Ganda.

Soloist as it may seem, but still stunning



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